Conference Information

The Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference Information Website  – The call for presentations and other conference information can be found here.

Each year SERG has multi-paper, panel, roundtable, and poster sessions at CSSE. Beginning in 2016, one session at each conference is devoted to the sharing of practice in science methods. For 2017, SERG has worked with representatives from professional engineering associations in Canada to have a special panel on engineering in K-12 education.

Other highlights of the conference are: the AGM, student awards (photos), the annual SERG Dinner, and the keynote.

SERG Keynote
In 2015, SERG established it’s Annual Keynote address. The keynote is given during CSSE by a member whose work speaks to significant issues and / or changes in the science education research and teaching. A monograph of each talk is produced and archived below.

SERG Keynote 2017
Dr. John Wallace
OISE, University of Toronto

Wild places and intellectual spaces: Science education landscapes and mindscapes

SERG Keynote 2016
Dr. Anthony Bartley
Lakehead University

A brief history of SERG: Its raison d’être and formation


SERG Keynote 2015 – Inaugural Keynote
Dr. David Blades
University of Victoria

David Blades

Recognizing the beauty: Aesthetics in science teacher education (Click link for PDF of the paper)