Graduate Student Testimonials

I attended CSSE 2013 and have to admit that I was overwhelmed by this large-scale conference. There were several sessions to choose from and I knew very few people in attendance. While I did attend some interesting talks and had the opportunity to present my work, the highlight of CSSE for me was attending the Science Education Research Group (SERG) Annual Meeting. It was during this meeting that I met several science education scholars from various institutions within Canada. There was a real sense of community within the group and everyone’s suggestions/concerns/comments were respected and valued.

PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia


I had a great experience at CSSE 2013.  As a master’s student at my first national conference I was initially nervous about applying and presenting at CSSE, but I am so glad I did!  I presented my work at a round table session and it was a really valuable experience for me because I not only got to present my ideas and research, but I got great feedback and suggestions from the grad students and faculty that attended my session.  I also really appreciated the sessions I attended – I learned some of the research areas within science education that others are working in, and I got a lot of useful tips on writing and publishing by attending several CCGSE sessions.  I had a great time at CSSE and met so many people; it’s a conference I would definitely recommend to other grad students!

MEd Student, University of Alberta


I attended the CSSE Conference in Victoria, B.C. in 2013, after being encouraged to apply by one of my professors.  I was hesitant, since my research question was not yet fully developed at that time.  After submitting my proposal, I received very constructive comments from the adjudicators.  I was surprised at how much interest and feedback I received at my poster presentation.  I made contacts with researchers in fields related to mine across Canada, and even from other countries.  I attended sessions that extended my understanding of educational research in general, and my own field of interest in particular, and was able to connect with fellow grad students and professors in a supportive and encouraging environment.  I would highly recommend CSSE to any grad student!

PhD student, University of Alberta