SERG Graduate Student Awards


There are three categories of Awards/Bursaries available for graduate students through SERG:

  • Graduate Student Paper Award
  • Graduate Student Travel Bursary
  • Dissertation/Thesis Award

Graduate Student Paper Awards

SERG is sponsoring three graduate student awards to support registration for CSSE. The award will cover the CSSE and Congress registration costs for each of the winners. These one-time awards will be adjudicated on the basis of the comments and ranking generated by the SERG review process. All first authors self-identified as graduate students, whose papers are accepted for a SERG paper, roundtable, or poster presentation will be considered for the award. Papers in either English or French are encouraged. Final decisions on paper awards will be adjudicated by the SERG executive and will be presented at the SERG AGM at CSSE.

Graduate Student Travel Bursary

In addition, SERG will sponsor one graduate student travel bursary for a student who is attending CSSE for the first time. The award will cover registration fees for CSSE and Congress. All first time attendees who are members of SERG are eligible for this bursary whether they will be presenting at the conference or not. The winner will be selected in a random draw at the AGM, and must be present to receive the bursary.

In any given year an individual may only receive a paper award or the travel bursary.

Dissertation/Thesis Award

Information about the Awards/Bursaries can be found in the Special Update for fall 2020.